Tuesday, September 1, 2015

An Ireland Engagement

On our first full day in Ireland we slept until NOON, so the Cliffs of Moher didn't happen until that following day. They were definitely worth the wait. When I saw pictures of the Cliffs while researching, they were usually not this clear. No blue skies and usually the people in the photos had their hair flying everywhere. We had the complete opposite, it truly was picture perfect.

Clearly my look of shock followed by an, "Are you serious?" (multiple times) overtook the beauty of the Cliffs. After 9 years, in a matter of seconds, I was a fiancĂ©!
We walked probably a good mile away from the tourists to the end & the Mr. set up the tripod and pulled the "What's that over there?" Then as I turned back around to say "cheese," I was asked, well the obvious. One thing I never expected was a ring on a trip because he always told me, "I will never bring a ring on a plane." (jokes on me).
One thing we didn't do was call our friends & family right away. (trust me I wanted to, but I knew I would rather do it in person) The feeling of not pouring it right out on social media or screaming in excitement to my sister on the phone was something I really can't explain. It was a good feeling, that in that moment and for the rest of the trip, it was us & only us. It really made the engagement and trip that much more special.

Then a surprise engagement shoot happened?! Thank goodness I packed a cute dress. We were so lucky to have, Ros from Couple Photography to spend half a day running around Ireland to get some amazing shots!
If you're headed to Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher must be on your list to see. I will share our last spots, Dublin & The Blarney Castle next!

Thanks so much for reading!

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