Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Blarney Stone & a Guinness

The last two cities on our trip were Blarney and Dublin. The Blarney Castle is something out of a fairytale, it is so massive, detailed and just beautiful. The grounds around the castle are perfect and of course the Blarney Stone is one to kiss! You can see some of that action here:

You literally go down and kiss underneath, not what I had in mind at all! It was fun to do & you receive the "gift of eloquence" if you do so.

Dublin was so much different then the other cities we visited. It reminded me of NYC, it was busy & a lot of people. There are many restaurants, bars and tourists spots to check out. We of course, checked out the famous Temple Bar and walked the cobblestone streets.

Guinness Storehouse was awesome! You get the full tour and at the end you head up to the sky bar with a full view of the city & a Guinness in hand. I will say Guinness tastes so different there then it does in the states. It is a much better & flavorful taste. We can't wait to head back to Ireland and explore the north end!

Happy Friday Eve!

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