Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Day Hostess

This year we will be hosting our first Thanksgiving! Here are a few tips I recommend whenever hosting a big event/dinner party.

Decorate your home early! I may have decorated the table back in October, but that's okay (no one will ever know that!)

Light some candles. These are my go-to.

Lighting & music is essential. You don't want it dark, but you don't want it to be super bright, so make use of the lights on the dimmer, lights some candles & put on some holiday tunes.

If you you're having 20+ people coming over, distance your food. If you have your appetizers all on the kitchen island, then most likely your guests will hang around there. Have them in another spot as well, the dining room table is another good location. This goes for the drinks as well. It really keeps your guests circulating!

Always get more than enough food, people can always take home leftovers.

Keep your drinks simple, we always get beer, wine & champagne. Or a fun cocktail, I just pinned this Cranberry Moscow Mule, it sounds delicious! And also, water bottles & soda/juice are needed too, especially for the kiddos.

Get out the good silverware and plates/china for the Thanksgiving dinner. I know it's a pain to do the clean-up, but it's just so much prettier.

One last tip, get a notebook or word document the day after & write things you want to remember for your next event. Was the amount of food enough? Did you have enough drinks? What food wasn't such a hit? This will be so helpful for the next one!

Something nice to add to your table & that is super easy to do is "Thankful Notecards." You can easily make these at home and just simply put "I'm thankful for..." and each person writes 3 things they are thankful, you put in a bowl then pass around & everyone reads someone else's 3 things.


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