Thursday, January 14, 2016

North Caicos

Our ferry from Provo to North Caicos.
Ferry port in North Caicos.
Causeway to Middle Caicos!
The BEST Rum Punch I have ever had at Silver Palm Restaurant
 North Caicos is just as beautiful as Middle. It has more restaurants, bars, stores & scenic spots. We made a day out of exploring this island. We went to the Silver Palm Restaurant, which was amazing! I got a cheeseburger (I know, I know, but I just was in the mood), I didn't expect it to be that great, but it was definitely one of the best I ever had! The rum punch, was out of this world! The owner was kind enough to tell us what's in it, but now we just need to perfect the recipe & I will be sure to share with you all! The water was just as clear/blue on this side of the island & we drove out to the farthest point to see Three Marys Cays.

Sorry I have been MIA, I was sick before vacation, then when I got back, I got another sickness a few days later! I will be back next week with some outfit posts! I have missed doing them!

Hope you all are enjoying your week! xo


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