Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Advice After One Year of Mommyhood

It's been awhile, blogging has definitely taken backseat to being a mom. I know people always say it & tell you, "It goes fast, enjoy it," but I never realized how fast. My baby girl is officially 1, but I can't stand to not still call her my baby. I truly wonder when or if I ever will stop saying she is. She has brought us so much joy, more than I could have ever imagined. She is the smartest, kindest, cutest little girl ever & life is so much more fulfilling with her in it. We always joke, but really are serious, how did we do life without her?

With all those rainbows and butterflies, I have regrets, yes regrets when it came to my "parenting choices." I wish I let her fall asleep on me more and didn't feel guilt that I was creating a bad habit. I wish I let her nap in the car more instead of racing home to get her in her crib. I wish I rocked her to sleep more, I wish I didn't put so much pressure on myself to breastfeed, I wish I just switched to formula sooner (yes I said it!) and I wish I never ever read countless parenting books, blogs & articles. I wish I skipped the parenting classes and listened to myself more.

Leighton is a ROCKSTAR sleeper, she's been sleeping through the night since 3 1/2 months old & is an amazing napper. But we sleep trained, which meant forget the snuggles, forget the rocking or any type of soothing. Do I regret sleep training? Yes & no, we benefitted and she did as well, but I do wish I didn't follow it so SO strictly. I remember getting upset at my husband one night because he didn't do her routine in order, looking back, I was a crazy person!! Although, that probably had a little to do with sleep deprivation.

Sometimes now at night while she's asleep, I secretly wish she would awake, so I could go in and cuddle up with her. Randomly she will lay on my chest, but most of the time, she wants nothing to do with snuggling when she is tired and ready for bed. Sometimes I get upset because I think, "well you're the one that did the sleep training," but I can only learn from it for our future babies! I can only hope and wish she will become a clingy snuggler in the future!

So if I could give advice to any new parent, put down the books, skip the classes & go with your gut. I can almost guarantee you, you won't always follow the rules. Snuggle that baby up, who cares if he or she is supposed to learn to fall asleep on their own, sometimes you & the baby need that extra attention. I am not suggesting you rock and let your baby sleep on you through the toddlers years, I mean we all do need a break, but those couple nights a week, just get in that rocker with your babe. Snuggle, cuddle, kiss, hug, sing, rub that back, put your fingers through those soft locks & do it every single chance  you get.

Happy Birthday Leighton James, we love you to the moon baby girl!

And I will end with this stink face, because she's good at those.


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