Friday, May 13, 2016

Vacation Ready

I feel like I have finally got the hang of packing & so happy to share my tips & tricks to help ease the pain of this process.

First thing, decide if you're checking a bag or not. Yes, try not to, but it doesn't always work out that way, especially if you're going longer than 7 days. I usually only pack a carry-on for island vacations less than 7 days or trips in general less than 5. I get it, you don't always know what you want to wear for the day, but try to pack what you're going to wear & not any "extras." I am checking a bag for Greece, but only bringing my shoulder bag onto the plane, no carry-on luggage. I pack my essentials in my shoulder bag, along with my jewelry & an emergency outfit, in case the checked bag does get lost.

Carry-On Essentials:
- Passport, I.D. & Boarding Pass
- IPad & headphones
- Gum
- Magazines
- Chapstick
- Eye Mask (if overnight/long flight)
- Snacks
- Comfortable Socks
- Makeup Bag
- Sunglasses
- Extra Outfit
- Camera
This bag (highly recommend!)

Checked Bag:
- Invest in quality luggage (My set is from TJ Maxx)
- Shorts
- Tops
- Pair of Jeans
- Dresses
- Flats
- Sandals
- Comfortable Sneakers
- Sweater
- PJ's
- Bathing Suit & Cover-up
- Clutch
- Crossbody
- Undergarments
- Toiletries

This is what my checked bag consists of for Greece, if you were going to the Caribbean, it would be completely different!

A few last tips:

--- Make a packing list!

--- The outfit you wear to the airport, try to re-wear at some point on your trip, even if it's one piece. I plan on wearing this tee with these pants & a sweater. I will definitely wear the tee again during my trip and wear the same outfit on the plane ride back home.

--- Have a bright colored folder with all your hotel confirmations, rental car info, activities planned, etc. (It's always good to have hard copies of it all!)

--- Pack some plastic grocery bags for dirty laundry.

--- Enjoy the adventure!

I can officially say I am finished with packing. We leave tomorrow & I cannot wait! I hope you all enjoyed this post & would love to hear any of your tips. Please follow along with me in Greece on IG @jenncnoonan!


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  1. this was really informative!! thank you:)



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