Monday, February 6, 2017

23 Week Bumpdate

23 weeks, I can hardly believe it! I can’t even begin to describe our excitement that we are more than HALF-WAY to meeting our baby girl! I feel so incredibly grateful that we were giving this little babe & she can't come soon enough. Getting her nursery ready has been so much fun, I could spend hours in there just looking and organizing. I am hoping my OCD will continue once she is here because I love how everything has its place. Seeing Greg get excited has been so fun and I know he will be such an amazing father once she gets here. I wanted to start this week with a little 20 week ‘bumpdate’ to just give a little overview on how its going so far and hopefully answer some of the questions I’ve been getting!
How far along: 23 weeks!
Gender: Baby GIRL
Name: We do have her name, but waiting to share until she is here!
What are we most excited about next: We get to see her on our next ultrasound on Valentine's Day, couldn't think of a better way than to hear her little heartbeat on that day!
Movement: I feel her a lot, mostly at night when I am lounging on the couch or when I am attempting to go to sleep at night. I am thinking she sleeps most of the day & wants to party at night. If I drink anything with lots of sugar (usually OJ) or have dessert, she really MOVES!
Size: According to my app, Baby Noonan is the size of an ear of corn. About 11.4 inches & 1.1 pounds.
How I’m feeling: Amazing, the first trimester was rough with exhaustion & nausea, but the 2nd trimester has been so easy. (knock on wood) I have zero complaints.
Cravings: Chicken caesar salad & Mexican!
Aversions: Nothing at all, which has been nice since the first trimester all I could really eat was carbs.
Weight gain: About 16 pounds so far, I love seeing my growing bump.
Physical changes: In the last few weeks, it feels like my bump has grown rapidly. My belly button is flattening out, but not sure if it will ever pop, since I already have a deep, shallow belly button anyway. (TMI?) I have never had "bacne." I am getting these huge pimples on my upper back that actually hurt. And I break out on my chin. I haven't been swollen, I stretch a lot & still go to Pure Barre 4-5 times a week, so I think that has been helping.
Nursery:  We have the room painted, crib up and the closet installed. The closet has been my favorite so far, I showed a sneak peek of it on my insta story (@jenncnoonan). We originally were going to go with the Elfa series from The Container Store, but it ending up being more than double of what we wanted to spend. I searched for other options and didn't have high hopes on the Home Depot one, since it was so cheap, but I LOVE it! The dresser is on back order until June (when baby is due!), but crossing my fingers it comes in sooner.
Pregnancy items I purchased:
     + This wrap by Solly Baby — I have heard SUCH good things about them!
     + Milk Snob cover — so many cute prints & I love how you can use it for some many things.
     + Copper Pearl has such cute bibs and car seat covers, I got these bibs and this on Amazon.
     + This pacifier holder/teething toy
     + This pillow – I sleep my best on my back, but that is a no no in pregnancy world, so this pillow has prevented me from rolling completely on my back. I was having so much trouble sleeping and getting comfortable, but this has been a lifesaver & doesn't take up the whole bed!
     + This cream – I’ve been using this to prevent and diminish stretch marks. I put it on at least once a day & don't have any stretch marks yet.
Please let me know if you have any other questions or any mama's or mama's-to-be that have any recommendations!


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