Friday, November 17, 2017

Everyday Makeup Products

1. Mac Powder Foundation (I use this after my liquid to get a matte finish) 2. Beauty Blender (a must for foundation application) 3. Foundation Primer (Put on after my moisturizer) 4. Naked Palette (Favorite!) 5. YSL Lipstick (expensive, but worth it!) 6. Liquid Foundation (I have used this for 5 years) 7. Setting Powder (a necessity!)

These products are used daily & have been my favorites for awhile now! My makeup routine is usually simple, especially now being a mom. Are any of these your fav?

We're breaking out the Christmas decor this weekend & I cannot wait! This is our first year doing it before Thanksgiving, but we don't have any other free weekends as crazy as that is! When are you starting?!

Enjoy your weekend!


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