Monday, November 20, 2017

Family Photos: What to Wear

With family photos I really like everyone to be dressed in outfits that compliment each other, not necessarily match. I don't like everyone to have the same similar pattern or colors. Personally, I like to think I will hang these photos on the walls of my house, so I want the colors in the photos to go with the decor of my home, call me crazy, but that's just what I love!

I like having at least one person in a pattern, whether it's a floral, plaid, etc. Depending on how many people are in the photo you can have multiple people in a pattern, but with us three I just had one main pattern. Everyone else can pull a color from the bold pattern, or you can't go wrong with a neutral! I went with simple tops in these photos and had Leighton in the pattern. And remember to think about your background! If you're going to have trees in the background, don't wear green or if you're at the beach don't wear beige/tan colors.

Just remember, don't stress and overthink it! I always lay the outfits out at least the night before, (okay really the week before), just so I can get an idea how everything will look together!




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